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Quality work, Big Crews, meeting deadlines are just some of the things we are know for. 


Commercial and Residential  

Our Highly Skilled teams Excel at Any Degree of Work


Unmatched quality from professional and skilled tradesmen with a passion for their wor

Competive Pricing

  • Competitive pricing and detailed budgets, with project updates throughout and well trained communcation

Highly skilled

  • Seamless execution of a wide variety of services, from light gauge and load-bearing steel stud construction, to acoustic ceiling systems and exterior cladding

Customer Care

A customer-first drive to ensure we’re meeting your expectations every step of the way


planning your dream home or buying a new property takes a lot of preparation. Hiring experienced drywall contractors is the best way to ease stress and to guarantee our customers are spending their money wisely.

Steel Frame

We are highly skilled in all trades. We are experienced in various types of metal stud framing projects. The projects include large residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


We have a crew of fully experienced insulators to assure you that everything provided to you is the best quality possible We provide environmentally friendly and effective insulation solutions, with all type of insulation services.

Get started with Kandola Drywall today, we have been serving you for 15 plus years, and have built our business by always exceeding the expectations of our customers. 


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